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            “Laughter is timeless.
                                             Imagination has no age.
                                                                              Dreams are forever
                                                                                                               - Walt Disney

Have an amazing 17th birthday Millie! And remember — Hakuna Matata!


"We promised Disney that in trade of letting us do a gutsier type of movie and take on a different kind of story that was completely original and not based on some legend or fairy tale, that we would do a film that was smaller budget, smaller crew, less time to make it. So it was kind of a new model.

"We didn’t want to dazzle with special effects and shadows and tones all over the characters and go for all this realism or dimensionality.What we wanted to do was go back to the films that inspired us. Films like Dumbo and Bambi. They were a lot more simple in their look and I think they do what 2-D traditional drawn animation does best, which is put up an impression of a storybook that’s come to life. We were not trying to achieve depth and we didn’t want to compete with a 3-D look. We wanted to go back to something that’s sort of rich and textured and you can see the painter’s hand up onscreen. So that’s why the idea of watercolor, which hadn’t been done since the early 1940s on Dumbo was really appealing to us, it had that storybook look to it.”

— Dean DeBlois, giving the back-story for Lilo & Stitch's gorgeous backgrounds.




Remember in 1993 when Jurassic Park was like…the end all, be all of special effects?


not gonna lie that still looks intimately real

I’m still somewhat convinced that someone sold their soul to create the special effects in Jurassic Park because that shit is over 20 years old and it still really, really holds up, better than the stuff in a lot of current movies, even.

Fucking witchcraft, man. 

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